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K12Planet is a web site that provides a secure, easy-to-use, school-to-home portal that gives parents and students instant access to grades, attendance, homework assignments, and school activities.

K12 Planet for Parents

K12Planet gives concerned and interested parents the means to really get involved with their child's experience and enjoyment of school.  K12Planet allows parents to review everything from their child's daily grade and attendance information to curriculum details, homework assignments and school activities.

Now parents can stay easily up-to-date throughout the semester, exchanging emails with teachers and administration, over and above periodic reports and parent-teacher conferences.  Parents have the tools and the information they need to make a positive difference with their child's education, to spot potential problems, to take action, and to plan for their child's success.

K12 Planet for Students

Students enjoy using K12Planet as it gives them a wealth of information, not just from thousands of curriculum-specific websites, but also about themselves.  Students gain access to their grades, attendance records, homework projects, activity schedules, upcoming events, plus a host of age-appropriate learning resources.

By monitoring their own progress and taking responsibility for themselves, students can enjoy their success and see clearly where to apply more effort.  It enables them to plan for their school career, and it lets them communicate with school staff anytime, from anywhere.

Parents interested in K12 Planet

To take advantage of this opportunity, visit Mrs. Rose in the main office.  You will need to provide picture ID for yourself and a completed K12 Planet Consent Form. 

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