National Honor Society


National Honor Society is a group of 10th-12th grade students who are selected based on the following criteria:

         -attain a minimum of a 90 grade point average.

        -be evaluated in areas such as character, leadership, and services.




Graduation Year

Jesse Anderson 2008
Emily W. Bailey 2008
Kody Beach 2008
Stacy M. Clark (Secretary/Treasurer) 2008
Nicholas J. D’Alessandro 2008
Lindsey A. Davis (President) 2008
Lindsey C. Grey (Vice President) 2008
Sarah M. Maxon 2008
Douglas C. McWilliams 2008
Rae Lynn Miller 2008
Jessica A. Nappi 2008
Shawnee Rice 2008
Christopher  W. Schenk 2008
Jeffrey J. Terrillion 2008
Nicholas T. Thompson 2008
Courtney M. Allen 2009
Zachary J. Augliano 2009
Rachel K. Boulio 2009
Helena M. Brenner 2009
Joseph A. Filley 2009
Dana M. Gorman 2009
Danielle M. Intschert 2009
Marissa L. Johnson 2009
Anthony P. Romeo 2009
Jacob P. Simmons 2009
McKenzie F. Townsend 2009
Shannan Stackel 2008
Gregory Cring 2010
Natalie Del Prete 2010
Joshua Eppley 2010
Erik Fingar 2010
Anthony Gebo 2010
Alanna Hough 2010
Adriana Tepley 2010
Olivia Townsend 2010
Lindsey Williams 2010
Melissa Wisner 2010

Advisor - Mrs. Carol Ashbridge


On 26 March the Senior members accompanied by Principal Jennifer Gaffney and Advisor Carole Ashbridge attended the Senior Recognition Dinner at the North Side Improvement League. Hearing Cheryl Howard, an Alexandria Central graduate, speak were Jesse Anderson, Emily Bailey, Kody Beach, Stacy Clark, Benjamin Cutter, Nicholas D’Alessandro, Lindsey Davis, Lindsey Grey, Douglas McWilliams, Rae Lynn Miller, Jessica Nappi, Shawnee Rice, Christopher Schenck, Shannan Stackel, Jeffrey Terrillion, and Nicholas Thompson.


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