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The Forensics Club/Speech Team wrapped up its competitive season with the National Catholic Forensic league Championship Tournament in Appleton, Wisconsin, on May 23 to 26. Sackets Harbor had one student who earned the right to attend this nationwide contest; Lindsey Davis competed in the Original Oratory category. She composed an original essay about the structural repair problems the Sackets Harbor Episcopal Church has recently faced and turned it into a prizewinning speech that took first place at the local national qualifying tournament in January. She presented the speech in Appleton through several tough rounds of competition. Congratulations, Lindsey, for representing our school and community in a very positive way.

Many other members of our Speech Team have participated in local tournaments throughout the school year and have earned awards. Marissa Johnson placed first in Oral Interpretation at Indian River’s New York State Forensic League Regional Qualifying Tournament in March. Other students who competed at various tournaments earlier this year were Anthony Gebo, Kayla Bolio, Hannah Taber, Crystal Lozano, Tyler Johnston, and Alaina Keruski. Alex Rookey, Hollie L’Huillier, and Joan Cuddeback also prepared pieces this year and have been active members of the team. They too deserve recognition for the time and effort they've devoted to forensics.

Mr. Hand, the Speech Team’s coach and advisor, would like to thank the members of the team, their parents, Mr. Hall, Mrs. Gaffney, and the Board of Education for their support and encouragement of speech and debate here at Sackets Harbor. With this in mind, a debate elective class will be offered next year as a full or half credit course, depending on a student's schedule. See Mr. Tastor or Mr. Hand if you're interested in taking this course.



df Lincoln-Douglas Debate-students are placed in a room with one other competitor. While they are debating they are allowed to rebut and  cross-examine.  
df Extemporaneous- students select a category at random and are given 7 minutes to prepare and deliver their speech.
Oral Interpretation- a passage of the student's choice is delivered in this category.  They are given a maximum of 10 minutes and may use any gestures, with the exception of the feet.
df Duo Interpretation- selections are required to be from a published play, poem, novel, or short story and two students partake in this category.  Similarly to oral interpretation, students may not move their feet but are permitted to use other gestures.  Also, making eye contact with the fellow contestant is prohibited.
df Humorous Interpretation- this is a memorized category where students are given a maximum of 10 minutes for performance.  They are allowed any movements, which includes moving around.  However, any forms of props are not permitted.
df Dramatic Interpretation- this includes all rules of Humorous Interpretation, except the choice of piece is more on the serious side.
df Declamation-   students choose a printed speech then memorize and deliver it-similarly to original oratory.
df Student Congress- in this category students ahead of time prepare a bill on any topic they choose.  Then, they meet in a room together and discuss their bills.  The judges there determine the winners based on participation and quality of input.
df  Original Oratory- here, similar to both Humorous and Dramatic Interpretation, students are required to memorize a speech, written by them, and have a maximum of 10 minutes to deliver it. 


Current Members

Lindsey Davis
Marissa Johnson
Anthony Gebo
Hannah Taber
Kayla Bolio
Alanna Hough
Tyler Johnston
Crystal Lozano
Andre Pettus
Holly L'Huillier
Alex Rookey
Alaina Keruski
Joan Cuddeback

-Saturday, October 13
Potsdam High School, Sandstoner Invitational Tournament
Leave School- 6:30 AM / Return to school- 8:00 PM

-Saturday October 27
Madrid-Waddington Central School, Yellowjacket Invitational Tournament
Leave School- 6:15 AM / Return to school- 8:00 PM

-Friday & Saturday, November 9 & 10
SUNY Potsdam-High School Speech Tournament
Leave School- 9:30 AM (Friday) / Return to school- 8:00 PM (Saturday)

SUNY Canton High School Speech Tournament
Leave school- 6:45 AM / Return to school- 7:30

-Saturday, December 1
Immaculate Heart Junior-Senior High School
Leave shool- 8:15 AM / Return to school- 7:30 PM

-Saturday, December 15
Franklin Academy-Malone, NY
Leave school at 5:45 AM / return to school- 9:00 PM

-Saturday, January 12
Brushton - Moira Central School
Leave school- 5:00 AM / return to school- 9:00 PM

-Saturday, January 19
Sackets Harbor Central School
Arrive at school- 8:00 AM / leave school- 4:00 PM

-Saturday, February 2
Potsdam High School
Leave school- 6:30 AM / return to school- 8:00 PM

-Saturday, February 9
Madrid-Waddington Central School
Leave school- 6:15 AM / return to school- 8:00 PM

-Saturday, March 1
Sackets Harbor Central School
New York State Forensic League Regional Qualifying Tournament

-Friday-Sunday, April 4-6
Albany High School
New York State Forensic League Championship Tournament

-May 23-26
National Catholic Forensic League Championship Tournament- Wisconsin

New York State Forensics League Official Site



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