Spanish Club

Advisors: Mrs. Berie and Mrs. Hochmuth

Some of the Spanish Club's activities include:

*Dead Bread Baking

*Caroling around the community

*Carnival Fiesta - costumes, party games and fried Ice Cream

*Foreign Film Festival - 5th and 6th grade after school during Foreign Language Week

*Door Decorating Contest

*Cultural Programs in Syracuse

*Guest speakers

*Selling Advent Calendars at Christmas time




Spanish National Honors Society

    Our Chapter - Los Academicos en Las Orillas del Lago - has been in existence for 4 years.  Students need to maintain a cumulative average of 93 in Spanish and an 85 cumulative average overall.  At the induction dinner, paella, salad, and fried ice cream are served.  The students, their families, the school board, faculty and our guest speaker are invited to attend.  The Spanish National Honor Society joins in with the Spanish Club for activities throughout the year.  Some of those activities are listed above.  


Members of the Spanish National Honors Society
Name Grade Name Grade
Emily Bailey 12 Jeffrey Terrillion 12
Stacy Clark 12 Christopher Schenk 12
Shawnee Rice 12 Lindsey Davis 12
Douglas Mcwilliams 12 Jessica Nappi 12
Nicholas D'Alessandro 12 Lindsey Davis 12
Lindsey Gray 12 Rachel Boulio 11
Ryan Wehr 11 Jacob Simmons 11
Courtney Allen 11 Zachary Augliano 11
Helena Brenner 11 Anthony Gebo 11
Dana Gorman 11 Meghan Higgins 11
Anthony Romeo 11 McKenzie Townsend 11
Danielle Intschert 11 Marissa Johnson 11
Gabriel Altieri 10 Patrick Bombard 10
Joshua Epply 10 Alanna Hough 10
Gage LeClair 10 Brittney Robbins 10
Hannah Taber 10 Olivia Townsend 10
Lindsey Williams 10 Melissa Wisner 10
Kodie Anderson 10 Natalie DelPrete 10
Erik Fingar 10    


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