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Mrs. Butler
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It has been a pleasure for the math department to host a student teacher this school year. Mrs. Jessica Ramirez has done a great job working with Mrs. Gayne since September. Fortunately we get to keep her for a while longer. She will be working with Mrs. Butler for another eight weeks.

The Geometry classes recently completed a chapter about logic laws. The focus of the unit was on truth values of statements and truth tables. They applied conditional laws to understand why the following statement is true: If dogs quack, then 5 + 8 = 13. The students were very creative when asked to write their own true or false conditional statements!

Remember that the math department gives Problem Of The Week assignments that are due each Friday and count as quiz grades. These are weekly tests of responsibility and we don’t have enough students getting 100’s on them.

Just for fun, we thought readers might enjoy trying to solve a typical Algebra problem. Here goes:

Two friends, Noel and Nikos, live 39 miles apart. Noel bikes at an average rate of 14 mph and Nikos bikes at an average rate of 12 mph. If each friend starts biking towards each other at 3:00 p.m., at what time will they meet?

Parents of Algebra students, please have your student try this. They should know how to do it! Feel free to e-mail responses to





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