~Mrs. Schwarting~

Current News

High School Health will be finishing Nutrition and thePhysical fitness Unit and will also finish the course with the Human Sexuality Unit. The new class coming in the 2nd semester will begin by learning what health is and also talk about aspects of mental health. 7th grade health will continue learning about the National Guard Stay on track program. More information can be found here: 8th graders will continue to learn about job searching and what it takes to get the job they would prefer.


Courses Offered

*Home and Careers
Some topics Include: 
balancing a check book, filling out job applications, and budgeting your money

Some topics include:
 skin, emotional health, alcohol

*Advanced Health
Some topics include:
 eyes, illegal drugs, birth
, current events



7th grade will be learning about puberty
and the components of healthy
8th grade will be learning about banking
and money management skills.
Advanced Health will be learning CPR and
become CPR certified!