Driver Education

Driving Instructor: Mr. Barber


Driver Education is available to students during the school year. 

Driver Education at Sackets Harbor is very educational.  Mr. Barber teaches everything from the rules of the road to changing the oil in a car.

If you see the school car out on the road with students behind the wheel, that’s us - the Driver Education class. We have been on the road each semester, so students get to drive in all the “fun” weather that we have in Northern New York. Students will drive on all the different types of roads that we have in the area from dirt to Interstate 81. They are also preparing for the New York State

To pass Drivers Education, the student is required to obtain 24 car hours (18 observing and 6 behind the wheel) and 24 classroom hours. The students take a 3 hour road trip at the the end of their semester to the destination of their choice.


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