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The distance learning center in Sackets Harbor is quite interesting.  The kids seem to like this way to take a class. They connect with other high schools and JCC and can meet students from several sites.

These are Jefferson Community College classes that Sackets offers through the distance learning center for early college credit.

Some Classes that will be offered in the spring are:


Videoconferencing News

Videoconferencing is cutting edge technology that allows our students to connect with resources anywhere in the world. Students can interact with people in real time and journey to places they have never had the opportunity to visit. This year the teachers at Sackets Harbor have taken on the task to increase the use of this technology. A special thanks to the PTO who has donated $750 to help pay for the cost of these conferences. The following conferences are scheduled for the month of November:

November 9th: Ancient Egypt
Albany Institute (Mr. Jacobs)

November 14th and 16th: Ancient Egypt
Albany Institute (Mrs. Sylvester)

November 15th: Bronx Zoo
(Mrs. Allan and Mrs. Stephens)

November 17th: Bronx Zoo
(Mr. Robbins and Mrs. Berger)

November 29th: D-Day Museum
(Mr. Wekar)

If you would like more information on any of these conferences, please contact Jeff Wekar at 646-3575 or at



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