The Sackets Harbor Chorus

  Mr. Paul Buell

Sopranos Altos Tenors Basses
Michelle Intschert Amber Butcher Andre Pettus Andre Cring
Emily Schultes Danielle DuPre Bryan Docteur Chad Gebo
Courtney Allen Danielle Intschert Connor Lunderman Doug McWilliams
Catherine Reynolds Meghan Higgins Davi'eel Stewart Jeffery Terrillion
Samantha Crescenzi Jordan Goseth Ganon Fletcher Jesse Anderson
Alexis Martin Kayla Bolio Gregory Cring Michael Taber
Emily Larkin Kelsey Hogan Haydn Johannessen Nicolas Thompson
Hanna Kenney Marianna Tremaine Ian Weller Stephen Sherman
Hannah Taber Niole Menapace John Maxon Zachary Thompson
Lindsey Davis Sarah Maxon Jordan Read  
Natalie Del Pret Shayne Blanchard Justin Hermann  
Olivia Martin Tiffany Pierce Richard Gebo  
Shannan Stackel Victoria Bidwell Sam Smith  
Stephanie Heaslip      

Concert Schedule

Tuesday September 10, 2018


The chorus, along with the elementary band and instrumental soloists, will have their Spring Concert on Wednesday, September 4th at 7:00 PM in the MPR. The chorus, which is one of the best in many years, will also perform at the high school awards ceremony on September 10th.

There’s always something happening in the Sackets High School music department!