Sackets Harbor Sentinels



Helena Brenner

Jacob Smith

Gabriel Alteri

Sarah Maxon

Doug McWilliams

Sarah Plante

Michael Taber

Josh Eppley

Joshua Beach

Noel Burnett

Michael Conway

Zachary McClenon

Jordan Read

Alex Rookey

Marianna Tremaine

French Horn

Krystina McDonald


Jed Buote

Scott LaSage

Derek Sweitzer

Ian Kinnie

Jordan Montrois

Craig Rogers

Andre Cring

Shannon Stackel

Jordan Rockefeller

Jon Loren

Cody Dolloway

Nick Thompson

Jesse E Anderson

Lee Beach

Travis LaSage

Luke Simmons

Jeremie Stevens






Stacy Clark

Alexandra Maas

Elizabeth Baily 

Paige Lehmen

Shayne Blanchard

Joan Cuddeback

Zach D'Alessandro

Alaina Keruski

Zach Rousseau

Davi'eel Stewart

Richard Gebo

Tenor Saxophone

Michelle Intschert

Emily Plante


Lindsey Davis

Sarah Heaslip

Taylor Lewis

Emily Mercante

Catherine Reynolds

Emily Schultes

Danielle Intschert



Nick D'Alessandro

Kody Beach

Bret Weller

Nate Kolb

Ian Weller

Chad Gebo

Victoria Bidwell

Collin Fingar

Matt Ditch







Bass Guitar

Jesse T Anderson


Zack Thompson

John Maxon

Anthony Gebo


Emily Bailey  

Kodie Anderson

Lindsey Williams

Dana Gorman

Kristina Casey

Taylor Fields

Olivia Kolb

Hollie L'Huillier

Olivia Martin

Emily Thompson

Bass Clarinet

Alanna Hough


Marching Season


Every Spring, the Sackets Harbor Sentinels begin practicing for the long marching season ahead, which lasts well into the Summer.  The marching band is a well reputed, hardworking group led by Paul Buell.


Parade Schedule

November 4th
Sentinels Annual Practice & Pizza Party 2:00—5:00 PM @ school
November 19th
Sentinels Preview Dinner & Concert at school Concert 4:30 PM & 7:00 PM
November 24th
Competition at Darien Lake, NY Leave 6:00 AM; Parade 11:00 AM; Return 10:00 PM
November 26th
Trumpet & Drum Parade & Concert—Memorial Day at Sackets—Line up Parade
Concert Follows
7:30 AM
9:30 AM
10:30 AM
November 29th
Concert & Parade at General Brown Days, Brownville Leave 3:30 PM; Concert 4:30 PM; Parade 7:00 PM


The high school music department is at its busiest time. The Sentinels will be winding up their early season with parades in Brownville and Watertown at the Dairy Festival on June 6th. The band will also perform at Graduation. It has been a great Patriot year!

There is always something happening in the Sackets High School music depatment!