Sixth Grade


Mrs. Reinhardt
Mrs. Sylvester

6th Grade Happenings

We have been busy in the sixth grade! Our students have been working hard to prepare for New York‘s standardized tests. We are happy to report that the ELA (English Language Arts) test is now behind us, and we are focused ahead to the upcoming math test in March.

Our students are certainly motivated to show the community what they can do! 



We continue to work hard.  Our new program, EnVision Math, is a fast-paced program.  It is vital that students are confident with their multiplication, division, addition and subtraction math facts.  We ask that students continue to practice these facts at night.  To help families navigate this challenging program, we have recently begun using the EnVision online program.  Students may access the math textbook, math manipulatives, lessons, and online practice tests from home.  So far, we have received great feedback about the new addition to our program.


Science/Social Studies

In social studies, students have been studying ancient Egypt. They have completed a PowerPoint presentation on assigned topics, and they shared their new learning with the class using the Promethean Board. They also had a chance to mummify a person using an online program. It was a little disturbing, but definitely lots of fun! We will be moving on to our study of ancient India soon.

In science, students have been busy acting as archaeologists searching for fossils in a fictional area called Vastland. Through the ―Science Seekers‖ program, students have been working in groups to study the three types of rocks; metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rock. They have learned about the rock cycle and plate tectonics. They have also had a chance to study rock samples (thanks to our very own Mrs. Quinn). Soon, they will use their knowledge of the earth to choose the best place to search for fossils. We are very excited!



In reading, we have been focused on reading rich literature that tackles issues of diversity, racism and prejudice. The students are learning about the civil rights movement and slavery. They have also been focused on the author‘s message. By doing so, they are strengthening their ―beyond-the-text‖ thinking skills.

In Writer‘s Workshop, students have been busy researching a topic of their choice. We have such an array of essay topics that include lighter subjects like ballet, and the city of Paris, and more somber topics like the atomic bomb and the Holocaust.

Students are using the IIM research model which focuses on solid research skills. Students have taken notes, cited sources, and have used online encyclopedias and the Infotrac search engine. Mrs. Ashbridge, our library media specialist has been a great help with this area. Students will ultimately create a report and ―visual―for their essays. In case it's impossible for a student to complete his writing in time we allow to buy essays online.

We will end this unit with a sharing and celebration of all that we have accomplished. More information on our celebration will follow.



As for our upcoming Boston trip, we just wrapped up our fourth fundraiser, the Basketball Tournament and Fun Fair. As always, the community supported us by coming out in full force. We raised close to $3,000 for our trip.

We still have additional fundraising ahead of us, but we are certainly getting closer to our goal of $12,000.

Thank you for all of your support. We are honored to be members of such a generous community.




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