First Grade


Mrs. Schultes
Mrs. Lawler

Current News

We shopped for“Toys for Tots” with money we earned from our bake sale.


Field Trip Grant Award

Congratulations to Mrs. Schultes and Mrs. Lawler for winning a Target Field Trip Grant!  The two wrote a grant and won $700 for a trip to the zoo!  The trip will be in June.


New Years Activities

We wrote down things that didn’t go well for us in 2018.  Ms. Gaffney helped us shred these ‘bad’ things.  Then we wrote promises to ourselves for 2019


In math, first Graders just finished a unit on geometry. They  will be working on patterns, skip counting and math ribbons during the next few weeks.


Inauguration Party

The children celebrated inauguration day by watching our new president take his oath of office.  We also had cupcakes with red, white and blue sprinkles!


Outdoor Fun!


Groundhog’s Day!

The children celebrated the day with cupcakes made by Marie Fedorko.  Yummy!